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65 2023 Opening of Seoul International Travel Mart 관리자 2023-06-23
64 Seoul International Travel Mart provides a venue for exchange... Revitalization of Korean tourism 관리자 2023-06-23
63 Mayor Oh Se-hoon "The heart of a community of destiny and the tourism industry" 관리자 2023-06-23
62 The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization officially open the 2023 Seoul International Travel Mart 관리자 2023-06-23
61 Seoul International Travel Mart from 48 countries successfully completed transactions 관리자 2023-06-23
60 [On site] Opening of 2023 SITM "We will do our best to advance the era of 30 million foreign tourists" 관리자 2023-06-23
59 Start of '2023 Seoul International Travel Mart (SITM)' 관리자 2023-06-23
58 Seoul International Travel Mart signed 1,067 contracts worth 44.7 billion won for 5 days.Make a valuable achievement Admin 2022-11-24
57 Seoul X Seoul Tourism Foundation, 2022 Seoul International Travel Mart, successful fee... Consultation on contracts worth a total of 44.7 billion won Admin 2022-11-24
56 Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said, "Creating Nodeul Island and Hangang River as a tourist attraction for 10 million tourists." Admin 2022-09-29
55 Mayor Oh Se-hoon is an overseas buyer from 52 countries around the world...Opening a forum for exchanges in tourism industry Admin 2022-09-28
54 Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, Seoul International Travel Mart, etc Admin 2022-09-28
53 Seoul International Travel Mart leaves online for the first time in three years and holds an offline site Admin 2022-09-27
52 Seoul International Travel Mart opens on the 27th, "Seoul Tourism Leap" Admin 2022-09-26
51 Seoul holds the Seoul International Travel Mart, the venue for tourism industry exchanges, on-site for the first time in three years Admin 2022-09-25
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