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: Admin : Mon, 23 July 2018, 9:50 AM

To all the newcomers of SITM: Regarding Website Registration

Good day, 

Website registration is for hosted buyers only. Approval will not be granted to a non-hosted buyer company account.

Below are the steps to be registered as hosted-buyer.

1. receive the participation request emails
2. show us your interest in participation
3. wait for proceduresverification and qualification
4. receive the official invitation emails at this point, you are now a hosted buyer for SITM 2018.
Only then your website request will be approved. 

If you are interested in participation, but, have not received our emails, then please send us the following information at
If you have sent the below information, then you will be at step (3). 

A. Nationality of the company

B. City where the company is located
C. Name of the company
D. Name of the company representative for SITM (1 person from an invited company; expenses are not covered from the 2nd person)
E. Department and position of the said person
F. Main Phone Number of the company (Landline)
G. Fax number
H. Office number of the company representative 
I. Cell phone number of the company representative
J. Website of the company 

K. Address of the company

If you register on the website without due procedures, your registration request will not be approved.

Hank H. 

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