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[Overview of Seoul Tourism Promotion Booth at 2024 Seoul International Travel Mart]

  • Date and Time June 18th (Tue.) ~ June 19th (Wed.), 09:00~18:00
  • Location Convention Tower 3F, Grand Ballroom Hanra Lobby
  • Participants Seoul Tourism Startups (5), Seoul Tourism Goods Exhibition (1)
No. Company Name Services and Experience Offerings by Booth
1 Seoul Gifts Official Goods Exhibition Booth
2 ARTSOOMBI (Museum in Hand) Korean Heritage ARTKIT Experience Booth
3 CUSMETIC A Booth for the K-BEAUTY Makeup , Personal Color consultation etc.
4 MODERN.韓 Traditional Experience Booth (Making Traditional Liquor, Hanbok Soap, Mother-of Pearl Diffusers)
5 LANE4 Offering discount coupons for booth visitors and conducting a 100% prize event
6 X CREW Activity Experience (Balance Board) and Prize event Booth